Overview of Mainsail Reefing Systems

The Mainsail Reefing System from CDI offers a reasonably priced system that can be owner installed. The design is based on the time-proven CDI Flexible Furler. The Mainsail Reefing System eliminates flogging sails in the cockpit when reefing or furling. The mainsail can be furled from the cockpit as easily as furling the jib. This system is designed to accommodate all wind and sea conditions. Install it easily on any existing sailboat without breaking the bank.



sailboats up to 25' long
mainsail luffs up to 29' 
masts less than 4 5/8' wide


sailboats up to 40' long
mainsail luffs up to 39' 
mainsails with up to 400 Sq Ft